We Provide Solutions to Communications Problems
Last year over one million people purchased quarter inch drill bits. Why? Did they want quarter inch drill bits? No, they wanted quarter inch holes. Likewise, National provides the means to an end. We possess the necessary expertise and listen to your communications problems to provide the optimal solution. Our combination of superior equipment, software and service lets you focus on your business, without worries about your telephone system.

Coupled with our experience and expertise in customer based telephone switching systems is our commitment to install and service only the most appropriate voice mail and auto-attendant systems on the market today. Whether you need a system to support five employees or 5000 employees, we have the solution. With a choice now of local and long distance telephone companies, we can provide the critical tools for managing and controlling your telecommunications expenses. We also provide solutions to managing in-bound telephone calls with advanced call center technology, thus ensuring the highest level of service to your callers.
We provide total telecommunications management
As our customer, you are entitled to benefit from our Total Telecommunications Management Program. Free consultation is available toward managing your telecommunications expenses. Once a year, we meet with customers to review their telephone bills and offer suggestions on how they can reduce costs or improve operations. National Telecom does not represent (and accepts no commissions from) any local or long distance telephone company. We are impartial, representing only the best interests of our customers.today, all at a total price dramatically lower than the competition.
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