National Telecom Systems, Inc.

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Norwood, MA 02062

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We provide state-of-the-art LAN & Internet solutions to complex data problems
We install and service data communications systems aimed at linking branch offices with corporate and division offices. We install routers, hubs, switches frame relay service units and a host of other "black boxes" to enable high speed data communications between offices and the internet. We install most major brands including ADTRAN, CISCO and INTEL. Whatever your objective or plan of operation is, we can provide a cost-effective solution. Whether you need a VPN, T1 Span or a frame relay system we can provide, install and service the necessary data communications equipment. Whether it is a fiber optic connection, a radio link or just plain old copper wire, we have the solution!
We install all types of cabling systems - indoors and outdoors
We install telephone CAT3 and computer cabling systems including CAT5E and the newer CAT6 along with fiber optic and coaxial video cables. We design and install entire infrastructure cabling systems complete with hubs, switches and riser cables. We perform industry standard CAT5E certification testing to ensure that your systems are operating at peak performance. A Registered Professional Engineer on our staff ensures that all building wiring is performed in accordance with the latest state and local building codes.
We plant telephone poles and put wires under city streets
We design and install communications conduit systems in addition to pole line construction. This includes securing, if necessary, the municipal permits and right-of-way agreements. Customer requests are usually aimed at reducing telecommunications costs through the elimination of costly telephone company provided circuits and increasing connectivity with greater bandwidth.
We can help you reduce the cost of your telephone bill...
Through our consulting affiliate, National Telecom Services, we provide professional services to various government and national enterprise clients. National's services are aimed at reducing telephone costs commensurate with the service level our customers desire. The philosophy of this is described in the book "Cost-Effective Telecommunications Management" written by National Telecom's president, Bob Kaufman (published by Van Nostrand Rheinhold, 288 pages).
We can service your needs on a national basis…
While National Telecom is regional in scope, our National Accounts Program provides nationwide coordination with our long standing affiliates in major US markets. Our ability to offer "one stop shopping" ensures smooth multi-site installations and immediate service on a 24/7 basis!
What can we do for you? We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to discuss your organization's requirements.